Eugeniou Antoniadou 25, 118 51 Petralona

Board of Directors

OGEE Athens


Empioglou Fouli

The President

Empioglou Fouli is a freelancer in the field of catering
since 2000. She is an independent partner in a large international company
in the department of staff training and product promotion. She is also active in the field of tourism with her own unit in Evia.


Anna Kontoleon

First Vice President

Anna Kontoleon is a Life Coach, Theta Healing Teacher and CEO of ART SPACE STUDIO 265 (art gallery) in Parikia, Paros.
She believes that the truth is within us and each one of us can create the life she dreams of. She is also involved in public relations of large companies and institutions.


Chryssa Voulgaridou

Second Vice President

Chryssa Voulgaridou is a Strategy & Risk Analyst. In 2016, and the crisis labs were launched within the Crises Zone group, aspiring to create comprehensive and multi-level crisis monitoring platform in combination at the think tank level as well as risk analysis and management. She also works on the development of information integration and analytics software.


Ioanna Lagoumidou

Honorary President

Ioanna Lagoumidou has been a civil and commercial law lawyer since 1990 and an Accredited Mediator. She specializes in cases of physical and electronic commerce, Intellectual Property Law, Contract Law and IT Law.


Filio Agoropoulou



Katerina Efthimiou



Eleni Kakouri

Εκπρόσωπος της

Young BPW Athens

Eleni Kakouri is a graduate of the Department of Business Administration and Management of the Athens University of Economics and Business. She is currently a marketing professional in a property technology startup in Greece.


Vivian Karakassi


Vivian runs the family jewelry business and social media. He studied dietetics and food technologist and she is a nutritionist.


Zeta Tzioti


Zeta Tzioti is a Bank executive and held positions of responsibility in a brokerage company and Private Banking of a large banking group. She writes regularly in newspapers and on the internet about art auctions and issues related to the Arts and Culture. She is the founder of the Art platform for which she has received and honorary distinction from the Botsis Foundation.


Amalia Zika


Amalia has been active in the wholesale and retail trade of jewelry for 20 years, as well as in their purchase and manufacture.